Author, teacher, and activist Derrick Jensen encouraged his students to “walk on water,” to seek out space of not knowing and travel an original path, to do the impossible. Solutions to the biggest challenges we face depend on it. Answers to the existential questions – who are you and what are you going to do about it? can only be found on such a journey.

What Stuart Kaufman calls the “adjacent possible” and what Otto Scharmer calls the “emergent future” can only be realized if we face our fears and attempt the impossible. I mean for this blog to be a holding space for what could be – to make visible my students’, my colleagues’, and my learning as we try together to realize adjacent possibles.

Walking on Water is a place for educators and learners to reflect upon practice, to collaborate and innovate, to envision – in short, to survive in the thick and muddy current that is today’s educational watershed. Walking on Water is space for learners to showcase work, to make visible thinking, to both shape and be shaped by today’s educational watershed, one that too often casts learners as passive, one that is often oblivious to the glorious life thriving and surviving in backwater sloughs of the river.